Cocktail Guide, Recipes and How To's

Cocktail Guide, Recipes and How To's

Cocktail and Bartending Guide

Everything you need to know about making your own cocktails. Learn the basics of bartending to prepare perfect cocktails every time. Find out which key ingredients you'll need to get started and how to pick the right cocktail glass.

Essential Cocktail Ingredients

Cocktail ingredients

Find out which key cocktail ingredients are used most often. Focus on these essential ingredients to prepare literally hundreds of popular cocktail recipes.

Featured Cocktail Ingredient

Popular Cocktail Ingredient

Cocktail and Bartending Basics

Preparing cocktailsLearn essential cocktail techniques used by professional bartenders. These mixology and bartending basics will allow you to prepare perfect cocktails every time.

Featured Cocktail Technique

Popular Cocktail Techniques

The Right Cocktail Glass

Cocktail glassesUsing the right cocktail glass forms a key part of learning how to prepare great cocktails. Find out how to use cocktail glassware correctly when serving cocktails.

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Popular Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Recipes

Review our cocktail recipe guide to learn how to prepare delicious cocktails yourself. Review cocktails by type, the latest recipes and most popular cocktails and if you know great cocktails we should include, why not add a cocktail recipe?

Book of Cocktails Blog

Visit our cocktail and bar blog for the latest cocktail and bar news, drinking and bartending anecdotes and stories. Follow new product launches and look out for special cocktail offers and promotions to help build your very own cocktail bar.