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B-52 Frozen


About this Cocktail

Type: On the Rocks Cocktails

This blended version of the classic and highly popular B-52 Shot is a refreshing alternative if you don’t like drinking shooters.

It is slightly less sweet and will appeal to those that want to take time appreciating the flavours of the cocktail.

Contributor: Book of Cocktails

How to Make it


1 shot Irish Cream Liqueur

1 shot Coffee Liqueur

1 shot Grand Marnier


1 Cadbury's Flake

Choice of Cocktail Glass

Detailed Method

Blend all 3 ingredients with a good amount of crushed ice (6 oz will do). Once blended, pour directly into a chilled Old-fashioned glass. Crumble a chocolate Flake bar on top – failing that, any type of milk chocolate flakes will do – and serve with straws.

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Comments & Reviews

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